Winter hit us a few weeks ago. One night it started snowing those big, heavy snow drops, and it didn’t stop before the morning came. How magical it was to wake up with everything covered in white – a much needed change of scenery after weeks and weeks of wet and foggy weather. There is just something special about that first snow especially for Kai who thought the whole experience was mighty strange.

P1000304 P1000282Somewhere in “Baby Mitte” aka Prenzlauerberg. 

We spend the weekend in Berlin and had the best of times! No plans, just strolling the streets and eating all kinds of good food. As I expected it was actually quite easy traveling with 16-months old Kai who seems to really enjoy the change of scenery and just hanging out together, all three of us.

I’ve been thinking about my best tips to travling with a baby – I’m by no means an expert, but our trips to Italy (3), Berlin (2), Iceland and finally across the US visiting 15 states, has surely made for some experience. I believe traveling together as a family is very beneficial, because shaking things up once in a while makes for more equal, close parents and a child who’s more adaptable to new situations and different people. It is likewise important for me that Kai learns to undertand just how lucky and privileged we are living in this small country of Denmark.

I’ve been thinking:

  • Just do it. You will never regret the adventures you embark on as a family, because exhausting as they might be, in my opinion they are always worth it – especially because they seem to bond the family tightly together.
  • Try to maintain some of your routines, but don’t stress if they fail. Because they will! Jetlag, new food, new bed, new everything makes the routines harder to follow which is part of the fun. So try not to stress if you kid won’t sleep at the useful nape time.
  • Bring some of your babys favorite food: To me it’s been important to bring oats for porridge (which Kai will always eat no matter what), because then I can relax knowing he will have enough even if the new food doesn’t suit his tastebuds. It also makes restaurant visit much more relaxing, knowning we can top him of when we get back to the hotel. When he was still breastfeed I naturally had food “on me” 😉
  • And finally: Relax . Your baby is fine.  All he or she basically need to feel safe is his parents – and when traveling, they usually has both!


Traveling with a baby pt 1 here

FullSizeRenderLiving by the woods looks mighty like this these days…

We’re off to Berlin tomorrow and I couldn’t be more excited! It’s been a while since we last traveled (or so it feels) and our days seems to go by so fast doing the same things and the same routines – and when that happens, I know it’s time to get it all at distance, even if it’s just for a couple of days. I’m feeling a bit melancholic these days missing living in the city. It seems my mood is much closer linked to the weather now and as you can see the woods feel a bit like me…

So Berlin it is! I expect this trip to be one of the easier (as a family, that is) since Kai is much more adaptable to new situations, he walks and (almost) eats what we eat. Yay! As you can hear I’m mighty optimistic on this one 😉


3uCiE Trr8N

It’s fascinating to me how much happens during a child’s first year and even now having a 16 months old. On one hand days seems to go by doing the same things, the same routines, but on the other it might just be one of the most exciting times whitessing this little fella turn more and more into the person he is. It sure makes me want to do the best I can, because even though I begin to long for more (me-) time to immerse in exciting projects, everything else just seems rather insignificant when compared to this, now, right here.


I’ve started researching on Christmas gifts for Kai simply because I’m so excited he’s now old enough to understand a bit more of the concept. I loved Christmas as a child but growning up has made some of the magic disappear – unfortunately. Now being a mother I’m almost as excited as before and I predict it’s only the beginning – because let’s face it, Kai is only 16 months and doesn’t quite grasp the concept of the holidays. Yet!

Here are some ideas:

  1. Board book by Gerda Muller. 
  2. Wooden boat with 4 sailors. 
  3. Toy pram
  4. Rainbow stacking. We’ve got him this one for his first birthday and love it. 
  5. Disana boiled wool jacket. This years winter jacket for Kai, so cute and the best of qualities. 
  6. Play kitchen
  7. Tippee. 
  8. Findus & Pedersen poster. There are sooo many beautiful ones, I might choose to decorate with children-posters all over the house!!
  9. Mushroom lamp. I’ve wanted this for years. Yes even before I had a kid. 

What could be more wonderful than going to the woods to gather branches and cones for an autumn wreath? Not much I believe. To me it just makes sense to go find it on the forest floor instead of paying a fortune at the store. If you’re not a perfectionist I’ll say it’s pretty simple to bind those branches together to a decent wreath using some kind of cord. I often forget just how lovely, relaxing and almost meditating it is to use the hands for something like that.

vfpH0 qotTP


R5owHKai wasn’t as excited about the wreath binding as I was….



The last rose

The last rose

Earlier this morning I picket this beauty from my garden – it simply has to be the very last one this year. I have been watching it for weeks and it seemed unable to fully blossom out in the cold. The scent is unbelievable and so intense, containing all of the remaining sun, warmth and light of the season.







I want to share a few pictures from around our home. Slowly, but surely, we are settling in, making it a real home – I have a feeling it will take many months before everything is at it’s right place, before knowing all the corners of the house, it’s strengths and weaknesses. Even though it is far from perfect truth is we all feel so much at home here already, sensing this is just the place for us this time in our life. What I like most is the light through the old windows, the beautiful wooden panels and most of all the woods just outside – and being able to follow autumn change the colors of the trees. Last night it stormed and I tell you: Falling asleep to the winds in the treetops is heavenly and very somnolent :)





I like this new place of ours and the routines that follows. Kai sleeping outside in the crisp autumn air, me in my wellies and a crumple cake with apples from the garden in the oven. I like not hanging out at playgrounds, not having to entertain Kai but instead just being together doing all sorts of project: Me planing and executing the vegetable pad (currently planting lots of garlic!) while Kai explores our small piece of land with all its awesome elements – stones, worms, leaves are some of his favorites. This way of being together makes so much more sense to me.

And more than that I like the view from our windows upstairs: the woods in all it’s autumn-glory and the beautiful light that enters our bedroom in the early hours.


A cup of tea in a new home

I’ll tell you what; moving is exhausting! Much more than I had first anticipated. Packing, moving and unpacking is one thing (surely exhausting enough) but I have completely underestimated the energi that goes into saying goodbye and letting go of a home and creating a new one. I’ve heard psychologists say moving is one of the most stressfull events just after getting a divorce! Luckily I have not such experiences to compare to my body is sure enough showing the signs of stress.

And thus sitting down, enjoying our new view of the woods and a cup of tea seems more important than ever. Then I’ll just have to learn to block out the view of still packed boxes and the ever growing list of to-does; at least for a few minutes while Kai sleeps and everything is quiet.